Possible outage on dfsee.com website and related email

Jan van Wijk; DFSee support


Just an FYI,

Since I am in the process of MOVING the DFSee website (and the dfsee.com <http://dfsee.com/> domain as well as fsys.nl) to another hosting provider, it is quite possible that the site will be unreachable for some days, until `I have everything sorted out and uploaded to the service provider.

Note: The same may hold true for the related email addresses like support@dfsee.com <mailto:support@dfsee.com>

In case of emergency, you can ALSO reach me at:


Don’t worry, the site and email addresses will be back, and DFSee support will continue ;-)

Regards, JvW

Jan van Wijk; author of DFsee; https://www.dfsee.com

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