Aiming for Carbon Neutrality and Ecological Equality 2050

Degrowth 2050 is a project to create an international pedagogy which advocates a democratically-led decrease in the production of greenhouse gases and overconsumption of Earth’s resources.  Group members are invited to submit ideas, reports and actions exemplifying degrowth at different levels, local, national and global, The educational objective is to achieve social justice and ecological sustainability in the 2050s with a transition that is prosperous and stable, rather than a catastrophic descent. Earth spirituality.l

Group members will also be able to contribute to help assess the reality of a global steady state economy, where people are consuming only their fair share of Earth’s resources measured by their country’s ecological footprint. By joining the Group people will have a facility to pose and address questions about the main drivers of change.  They will also be able to measure the rate of progress to ‘life without carbon’. The target is a time when future generations can take up cultural ecology as a humanistic democratic pedagogy to prosper in an international society fuelled by renewable energy. Hence, the major question is can we have prosperity without economic growth? Degrowth2050 has been created by Denis Bellamy as part of his long standing research into online education for living sustainably


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