Defending Marriage

Our mission is to reduce unilateral no-fault divorce and support those who are unjustly abandoned. Group is for Mary's Advocates.
The primary purpose of this group is to discover and initiate strategies which will protect families from the onslaught of civil divorce. In some instances, sharing news or details of our personal situation may be relevant to help us collectively discover what can be done to help stop forced no-fault divorce; for example, uphold marriage with canon law petitions, raise constitutional challenges, get publicity, or contact legislators and pastors.
My religion has Sacred Scripture, Catholic Sacred Tradition, dogma, and a code of canon law which all forbid no-fault divorce, and I know other faiths have ecclesiastical courts, so religion will be discussed on this group. However, no arguments about faith differences are welcome. We shall be united.
Post messages that relate to no-fault divorce. How churches deal with separation, divorce and annulment is relevant to no-fault divorce. If you want to comment about a posting, and your reaction also deals with no-fault divorce, then post your comment to the whole group. If your comment doesn't deal with no-fault divorce, please send the message privately to those concerned.
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