Shortwave Radiogram 5-16-2020 WRMI

Patrick Sullivan


Today I recorded the Shortwave Radiogram from WRMI using a Grundig Yacht Boy 300PE ($15 on FB Marketplace)  and a 23" wire antenna strung around my back porch.  I just recorded it into my phone.  When I play it back into FLDigi on my laptop or AndFlmsg on my phone it decodes perfectly.  You can hear some static that doesn't appear to affect the demodulation.  you can also hear some birds and other harmonics :)

It's 28 megs so I uploaded it to Dropbox.  Don't let it trick you into creating an account f you don't have one - just X out of the login window to download the file. 

Here is a gif of my phone decoding it with Andflmsg:


And here are some images that were broadcast:

161126L MAY 2020.png
161130L MAY 2020.png

Link to the Shortwave Radiogram website with full schedule here:

 Link to FlDigi here
73 de AC3K