Thanks for invite / FCC filing


Thanks for the invite to this group.

Of possible interest, we filed with FCC an objection to the application for a new shortwave broadcast station in Illinois.

You may be familiar with the increasing use of shortwave in automated international trading. This as an alternative to other international telecom circuits which may be slower - by fractions of a second - than HF given good conditions and specialized engineering.

Most of that goes on with obscure stations that are licensed in the U.S. as "experiments" but this Illinois proposal is for a regular broadcasting station that we think is essentially a cover for a trading carrier. We think FCC needs to take a hard look at the HF broadcasting rules top to bottom, and this latest license application is just another reason to do so.

You can read the 5-page PDF at this link:

and the station application is at this link on the FCC website:

73 de AK4AV, Arlington VA

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