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A moderated group for enthusiasts of radio in the greater Washington DC area. This is an inclusive group for people excited by the possibilities of walkie-talkies, FRS/GMRS radio, Ham radio, CB radio, shortwave radio, HF, VHF, LF, morse code, radio for emergency preparedness, scanners, APRS, and the list goes on. Makers and those interested in integrating radio (bluetooth, Wifi, LoRa) into their Raspberry Pi, Arduino and similar projects are welcome.  All ages welcome.  No abuse or harassment will be tolerated.  Politics will be avoided. All questions, now matter how elementary, are welcome. Some reasons to join this group include:

  • Showing off radios
  • Asking questions
  • Arranging on-air contacts
  • Publicizing events
  • Putting together informal get-togethers and swap meets
  • Selling radio equipment (Only personal, used equipment - no dealers or resellers.  Listing of radio equipment for sale is allowed only on Fridays). 
This is not a ham radio group although hams are very welcome! However this is not a group for aggressively pushing amateur radio licensure on other radio enthusiasts.  The moderator is a ham and created this group to create a place for all radio enthusiasts regardless of licensure. 

Quite simply this is a group for those of us in the DC area that find radio magical and fun.  I hope you join!

Each user's first two posts will be moderated.  After two successful posts, you will be able to post without moderation.  However, this list will be closely watched for abuse of the guidelines above and for spam, in the sole discretion of the moderator.

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