Forum on Information & Democracy - deadline for submissions --> 12 March

Macroscope London

Dear all, (apologies, the email displayed is the account I use for mailing lists...)
As you may know, the Forum on Information and Democracy has set up a Working Group on the Sustainability of Journalism, with a report due out in May. 
Some on this list are members of the Steering Committee that is guiding the work the rapporteurs are doing, some have given us interviews or submissions of evidence, and many list members and contributors have produced analyses, reports and concrete recommendations that we are paying close attention to - for all of which, thank you! (The recent thread on making big tech pay for news was particularly rich in resources.)
We have a call for evidence open till 12 March, and we really welcome any final contributions (particularly succinct ones...) either via the form linked here, or to the email address contributions@...
Please feel free to share with others you think ought to be putting in something, especially those who are not usually part of such debates and processes but that have valuable insights and recommendations we should be aware of. We're also keen to hear and learn from other processes or groups that are looking at related or intersecting issues.
If you have any questions, please email me at the address below.
Best wishes,

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