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My names Bob Edenhofer, and I'm currently the owner of this group! the rules are as follows! 1! their will be no sexual remarks, twards each other whatsoever! 2 their will be absolutely no pornography or nudity discussed on here whatsoever! this is a dating list for guys and girls to become boyfriend and girlfriend! and if you're the age between 16 and 18, you are not elejable to join! you need to be the age of 20 or older! now keep in mind! if anyone breaks the rules on this list, then I'll report you's to Mark Fletcher, who's the owner of, and he has the right to band you from his website! I'm very very very strict! I will not tolerate any garbage on this list, whatsoever! if you guys want to find that someone special in your life, then you's will obey my rules, or you'll be in boiling hot water!

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