welcome to the Data Culture Project


Hi all,

Welcome to the Data Culture Project mailing list! We're excited to work with you all on creative and engaging ways to build a data culture within your organizations.  This list is to share questions, experiences, and ideas retailed to that theme.

Three quick things we want to mention in this email:

1) Intro Webinar April 12th
On Thurs 4/12 at 3pm Boston time we'll be hosting a free webinar with our friends (and funders) at Stanford. We'll walk through our approach, feature some real-world experiences from our collaborators, and answer questions from attendees.  I'll share the RSVP page once they publish it later this week.

2) Case Studies
Next week we'll post two or three case studies from a few of the 30 organizations we collaborated with to pilot this program over the last 6 months.These will give you a sense of how other folks are integrated our activities and approaches into their programs, or starting fresh with them.

3) Sharing Tips & Tricks
Based on feedback from our pilot partners, we've added a comments area to the bottom of each activity page on http://datacultureproject.org.  If you've run these activities and have tips and tricks to share, you can post them there. That's especially helpful if you have "remixed" an activity to work in your context.

Other notes: consider this a public forum, so be polite and respectful in your emails. Also be aware that we might pull anonymous quotes or photos for writing about our research in blog posts or academic papers. We'd never use anything identifiable without asking for permission first.

We're excited to hear from you all about your challenges and successes in this area!


Rahul, Catherine, and the rest of the Data Culture Project team

Rahul Bhargava