updates and new activities! 📣


Hi! 👋🏽 Wow. It’s been a minute. You haven’t heard from us in the last year and a half or so for some pretty obvious reasons (🦠). We hope you’re safe and well.

We’re writing to share some updates on the Data Culture Project and some new draft activities you might want to try out. We’ve been on “cruise control” for a while as we went through a bunch of transitions. That said, we have been excited to hear from so many of you about how your journeys in building a more engaged data practice are going. Here is a flurry of updates about what we’ve been up to:
Phew 🥴 - that’s actually a lot of stuff when I put it on a list like that! Drop us a line if you want to follow up on any of those things.


Rahul and Catherine

PS: Reminder, if you no longer find updated about creative approaches to data literacy relevant, you can always unsubscribe via the link that shows up at the bottom of these emails. No hurt feelings here.




Rahul Bhargava (he/him/his)

English Pronunciation: RA-hull BAR-guv

Online:  @rahulbot

Assistant Professor - Journalism and Art + Design @ Northeastern University

Director - Data Culture Group

Co-Director - Co-Lab for Data Impact

Co-Principal Investigator - Media Cloud


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