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This is a mailing list for people interested in the Data Culture Project - the approach to building a data culture in your organization.  Designed by Rahul Bhargava and Catherine D'Ignazio the Data Culture Project is a series of fun and accessible learning activities that nonprofits can use to introduce their staff and leadership to concepts of working with data. Building a data culture means that people across the organization (not just IT and evaluation staff) can benefit from adopting a "data mindset". 
This program is built for beginners and requires no previous knowledge working with data. Activities are designed to be held as internal brown bag lunches. They introduce basic vocabulary, concepts of working with data, and the idea of being data-informed in all your work. This includes topics such as data storytelling, text mining, persuading with data, and exploratory spreadsheet analysis. In the process, everyone will learn how to use a suite of four free online tools called, and the hands-on activities they are built to support.

This mailing list is for:
* questions about running activities
* sharing how workshops are going
* advice on building a data culture in your organization
and anything else related!

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