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DARKLANDS - an Historical cRPG, by MicroProse

This is the "darklands" SIG, a Discussion Group/e-Mail LIST for and about the historical adventure Computer Role-Playing Game "DARKLANDS"(TM), by Microprose(R) for PC-based OS's that can support an MS-DOS compatible environment.

Darklands (
DL) is a cRPG set in 15th Century Medieval Germany, or "Holy Roman Empire". Lead your band of intrepid adventurers to face the late Middle-Ages as the people of those times actually believed their world to be -- with all of the magical atmosphere and mythical beasts of old European tradition. Travel hundreds of miles by land, river and sea, visiting over 90 German cities and countless sites along the way. Vanquish Evil from the far reaches of the Empire, and possibly beyond, gaining Fame and Virtue as your ultimate reward!

The DL group was created by fans, for fans, of the game to discuss subjects such as: its technical aspects; reporting bugs; best tips, tricks, and play techniques; gaming news; configuration help and tips for running on new PC HW and OS's; and much, much more... Originally founded in 1998 to be an interactive extension of the Darklands FAQ (hosted on the Darklands Domain), it's purpose remains the promise of making your next adventure into the Darklands the best one yet!

This forum is for all ages.
We do NOT allow adult content or off-topic solicitations. Anyone may read the archives, but you must sign-up to post messages and access files. Your initial post is monitored, but once approved you are unrestricted thereafter. You do NOT have to receive the email messages to be a member and enjoy full group access! Please observe traditional NewsGroup etiquette whenever possible. If you have questions, just ask! :-)

So, please, come often, sign-up if you like, but most of all -- enjoy your stay! Willkommen!!!

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