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Prototype Version 2

Feedback from the first prototype

The following feedback has been considered:

  • Minimize the cross-section of the camera; ideally, it should be possible to use the camera in the primary focus of the telescope (Jonas, Christoph, Christian Weber)
  • Provide a version with a bigger chip; the AR0130 is quite small (Martin, Christoph)
  • Provide a generic input that can be visualized in the image (Peter)
  • Make the 1PPS signal available as an output
  • May be provide an interface for an external GPS and 1PPS signal, so that the camera can be used in domes with no GPS reception (Christoph)
  • Use a GPS module with integrated antenna (Stefan)
  • SharpCap compatibility (various people)
  • ASCOM driver (Christian Weber)
  • Compatibility with photo mounts (Christian Weber)
  • Cool the chip, heat the window, silent, integrated USB hub (Christian Weber)

Design of the second prototype

The second prototype will have the following attributes:

  • cylindrical form factor, 2 inch diameter, length about 90mm, M42x0.75 connection
  • separate PCB for the sensor
  • test bigger sensors (IMX178, IMX174, IMX428)
  • use GPS module with integrated antenna
  • generic input, 1PPS output, 1PPS+UART input
  • precise crystal, e.g. LFTVXO070168
  • calibrate the crystal with the GPS signal, save the calibration in the PROM
  • USB C connector
  • microSD card for in-camera recording
    • issues: write speed, patent licensing, 3.3/1.8V modes
  • onboard RAM for frame buffer, dark subtract, picture-in-picture