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Software Downloads

This page lists all software downloads for the Camera Prototype V1.


The firmware file (.dat) is required by the camera. It combines the software for the USB controller, the FPGA hardware description and the FPGA microblaze code. Use the control tool to load a specific firmware update into the camera. There's a version dependency between the firmware file and the control tool - a certain firmware will require certain control tool software.

Control Tool

Use the control tool to configure the camera.

The re-write of the control tool is still ongoing. The control tool was initially programmed in C# / .NET and accessed the Media Foundation framework via COM interop, but we noticed frame losses at high frame rates and decided to re-implement the tool in C++ / MFC.

    • More fixes for delayed recording
    • Averaging multiple images for dark frames
    • "recording" indicator
    • GUI simplified
  • DvtiCamControl4_20190721
    • Fixes a scaling issue of the preview view
    • Fixes an issue with delayed recording
  • VtiCamControl_20190529
    • Added an option to replace the overlay with a black bar. This should be useful for taking dark frames.
  • VtiCamControl_20190408
    • "Classic" control tool based on the .NET framework. At the moment, this is still the tool to use for testing the camera, but it will be replaced with a new, C++/MFC based version, DvtiCamControl4.
    • Added functionality to enable and disable 100 microsecond time display resolution.
    • Improved some input fields to accept new values on enter.

ASCOM driver

The work on the ASCOM driver hasn't started yet.