Call to Denounce Senator Rubio's call for FBI to investigate Puentes de Amor By Brenda Lopez ·
PL: Update from sister Sandra Ramirez “Today is Decisive” By Ike Nahem ·
FACEBOOK: Johana Tablada thanks everyone for their solidarity By Walter Lippmann ·
*good news!* EFE: Colombia’s Petro begins presidency with stress on LatAm unity By Walter Lippmann ·
CDA: Call on the U.S. to Support the Cuban People Amid Explosion at Cuba’s Largest Oil Storage Facility By Walter Lippmann ·
MERCO PRESS: Boric and Petro discuss region's leaning to the left By Walter Lippmann ·
NBC NEWS: U.S. faces mounting pressure to do more to help Cuba fight a deadly blaze at an oil facility By Ike Nahem ·
FACEBOOK: Birthday of Cuban friend, poet and essayist Nancy Morejón. By Walter Lippmann ·
YOUTUBE/Jimmy Dore: “Havana Syndrome” Is Complete Bullsh*t Admits CIA Director By Walter Lippmann ·
PL: More people are opting for the ruble By Walter Lippmann ·
FB: Max Lesnik on why Cuban illegally enter the US By Walter Lippmann ·
FB: Max Lesnik explains the difference between the "protesters" in Cuba ans the Puentes de Amor caravanistas By Walter Lippmann ·
Heroic Cuba will overcome! (sent from sister Sandra Ramirez from ICAP) By Ike Nahem ·
FACEBOOK/Carlos Alzugaray: From the American Conversations wall of Professor Arturo López Levy: By Walter Lippmann ·
FACEBOOK/Los Pañuelos Rojos (Red Bandanas): Mexico has been the first to come to our aid. Mexico By Walter Lippmann ·
YOUTUBE: Belly of the Beast: Cuba Responds to Matanzas Fire with International Support By Walter Lippmann ·
IPS-Cuba: Matanzas update Aug. 8, 2022 By Walter Lippmann ·
*important* FACEBOOK/Julio Ruiz: Johana Tablada clarifies the US aid offer By Walter Lippmann ·
PRENSA LATINA: Pope Francis expresses his sorrow for victims of fire in Cuba By Walter Lippmann ·
HATUEY PROJECT: Urgent appeal to help victims of the massive fire in Cuba 2 messages By Walter Lippmann ·
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