U.S. congressman posts family Christmas picture with guns, days after school shooting By Walter Lippmann ·
*video, very important* Perspectives from Cuba of November 15 Protests and Consequences By Merri Ansara ·
CUBADEBATE: This Saturday the only total eclipse of 2021 will take place By Walter Lippmann ·
PL: Cuban government congratulates doctors on Latin American Medicine Day By Walter Lippmann ·
GRANMA: Unconventional warfare, the option of aggression "of the moment" By Walter Lippmann ·
PL: The legacy of Carlos J. Finlay in Panama By Walter Lippmann ·
CSPG: Poster of the Week – Here We Go Again - Organize to Save Abortion Rights! By poligrafiks ·
PL: Actress opposes criminalization of abortion in Colombia By Walter Lippmann ·
ORINOCO TRIBUNE: Maduro Takes Part in Castro Commemoration Ceremony in Havana By Walter Lippmann ·
CUBADEBATE: Cuba reports 114 new positive cases to COVID-19, one death and 160 medical discharges By Walter Lippmann ·
YOUTUBE: "Turkey’s floating power plants help Cuba amid electricity shortage" By Merri Ansara ·
IFCO-P4P: The 31st Friendshipment Caravan meets President President Díaz-Canel By Walter Lippmann ·
ACN: Cuban Foreign Minister thanks the Puebla Group for its solidarity By "Abel - Gonzalez Alayon" ·
ACN: Revolution is alive in the neighborhoods, Cuban president says By "Abel - Gonzalez Alayon" ·
*inspiring!* EFE: UNESCO: Cuban students above Latin American average By Walter Lippmann ·
PL: US Republicans aim at making country ungovernable By Walter Lippmann ·
AHORA: If tourism goes well, the economy will not be far behind By Dunia Torres González ·
AHORA: imagen.png Medical services guaranteed in Cuba's largest seaside resort By Dunia Torres González ·
AHORA: Hotel chain E Hotels in Holguín promotes recreational activities By Dunia Torres González ·
AHORA: Construction of the Levisa dam progressing in Mayarí By Dunia Torres González ·
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