GRANMA: They call us Cuba

Walter Lippmann

They call us Cuba

If we are Cubans, we also share common attributes. One of them is joy.

Author: Madeleine Sautié | madeleine@...

August 28, 2022 18:08:01 PM

Translated by Walter Lippmann for CubaNews.

Photo: José M. Correa


There are many reasons why we could simply be called by the name of the land where we were born. Although each individual, family, region, neighborhood or province has its own peculiar traits, what is certain is that if we are Cubans, we are also united by other attributes that are common to us. One of them is joy.

Cuba is living through difficult days. It is living through them in times of a pandemic and under the effects of no little  enemy arbitrariness, which it pays with its head held high, trying to build, without rest, the project of a dreamed country. Our country is collected in documents and led by a people that gets up every day, ready to face many challenges, but aware that it has to go through the epics of the moment, which sooner rather than later will be another one of our victories.

There is no lack of pitiful champions of discouragement. Willing to do anything to demotivate us, they try to infect our strength with sadness. Such effects work for some; but not for the collective fabric that we are, protected in hope and in the "sledgehammer giving", because nothing that we are not capable of doing and defending will come knocking on our doors.

There is talk these days of the end of summer, an almost jocular expression if we take into account the warmth of our climate, with a sun that does not abandon us. But August comes to an end and life slips away, inland, towards new undertakings. September prepares its classrooms, not a few return from their vacations, and before the day that marks its beginning, Cuba says goodbye to this stage and celebrates.   

Unfinished business, household chores, some plans, everything is postponed if joy calls us, translated into activities for children; attending a concert; visiting a trade fair; the illusion of buying books; going to a dance, of those that have been held for days in some parts of the country.

On August 31, it will be a pleasure to go to the Paseo del Prado, and then return home, accompanied by a book purchased there, in the offer proposed by the Cuban Book Institute. It will also be a pleasure to participate in the children's activities at the National Library with Pippa and her friends, with games, stories and songs.

For the summer closing, on September 3 at Ciudad Deportivo, Waldo Mendoza, the group Los 4 and Los Van Van will perform, an opportunity to say goodbye to the vacations, between ballads and dance music, wrapped in that condition of ours; the joy that protects and identifies us.