*important* GRANMA: Lie detector activated: false news against Cuba these days (+ Video)

Walter Lippmann


Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry, says a popular saying that, in these times, could well serve as a guide to take on the avalanche of information that we receive through social networks and the press of all kinds, something typical of exceptional circumstances like the one that Cuba has been experiencing since last Sunday, July 11, when an operation to achieve political destabilization of the nation began with all possible media force. 

Many false news stories, manipulated images and exchanged data circulate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and, especially, among media that manipulate the reality of what is happening in the country, intended not only to misinform those who seek to know about what is happening in the country. that happens inside the island, but also to generate panic, something condemnable by citizens and by justice.

A quick look at some of the fake news already denied these days brings us this:

- The #SOSCuba campaign was not born in Cuba. Cuba, in the voice of the member of the Political Bureau and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, demonstrated the involvement of the United States in the destabilization actions against the people and the campaign on social networks that has been generated using computer tools to multiply content against the Island. The campaign with the #SOSCuba label "was dismantled when it was crushed by an international outcry, due to the prevalence in networks of the worldwide will to proclaim the lifting of the blockade."

- The photo they have used to say that they killed a 13-year-old boy is not in Cuba, but in Venezuela. The victim comes from Cota 905, and his name is Alberth López, he was the product of a stray bullet in a conflict caused by the so-called “Banda del Koki”.

Fake news against Cuba evident since July 11 Photo: RTVE

- The newspaper ABC reported that the Vice Minister of the Interior of Cuba had resigned, they accompanied their report with a photo of the director of the Editora Verde Olivo as if he were the vice minister. Neither of them has given up against the Revolution. The International Press Center of Cuba denied the news on its Twitter account and also published that " The press must tell the facts truthfully and not misinform." He added that the Spanish media ABC does not have, nor has it ever had a correspondent in Cuba or accredited correspondents in the national territory.

- The photo used by CNN to illustrate an alleged counterrevolutionary demonstration is manipulated. The complaint was made by Raúl Capote, a worker for the Ministry of Economy and Planning, who posted on his Twitter account: “I denounce the gross manipulation made by CNN when using a photo of colleagues from @MEP_CUBA that our #RevolucionCubana defended in the streets. The one they turn on their backs is I a militant and revolutionary from #PatriaOMuerte #AquiNoSeRindeNadie @MEP_CUBA ».

Fake news against Cuba evident since July 11 Photo: Taken from Twitter

- With more than 750 retweets and more than 2,000 "likes", an image circulated on social networks with the Havana boardwalk supposedly full of Cubans protesting against the Cuban government. This time it was RTVE, the Spanish television station, which denied the crude manipulation, because among the people  you can clearly see Egyptian flags with the red, white and black stripes. RTVE verified that the photo is from the Associated Press and that it corresponds to a demonstration on February 11, 2011 in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria. The AP image appeared in media such as the NBC television network or Business Insider magazine. Read the denial here .

Fake news against Cuba evident since July 11 Photo: Taken from Twitter

- The height of cynicism has been a pronouncement by the Chilean Foreign Ministry. In it, "the Government of Chile reiterates its conviction that freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration constitute human rights that must always be respected and protected", therefore "there is no justification to promote repressive measures that try to silence citizens that peacefully ask for greater freedom, timely and dignified health, and a better quality of life.

- A Twitter user posted a video of a man without a mask murdering another, allegedly in Cuba. The video was quickly denied: it is not a Cuban city. Dominio Cuba, a team specialized in digital communication, published in this regard: «This is also #FakeNews. The scene is not on a Cuban street. Think, there is a hellish heat on the island, do you really think that any Cuban wears a 37 degree centigrade coat in the shade? »

- Neither Raúl fled Cuba, nor the protesters prayed in front of the police forces, nor the images of business looting with signs in English, are on the island. All this was denounced by La Red Verdad, a team dedicated to denying false news on the net. 

Fake news against Cuba evident since July 11 Photo: Taken from Twitter

- The Truth Network also denied the use of an image of the Barcelona Diada presented as an anti-government protest in Havana. "Twitter is not even aware of it," they wrote.

Fake news against Cuba evident since July 11 Photo: Taken from Twitter

- La Nación, from Argentina, published images of a multitude of "opponents" of the government of Havana who are actually among those who support the President, indicated Red Verdad.

Fake news against Cuba evident since July 11 Photo: Taken from Twitter

- The taking of Camagüey by the rioters was a colossal lie. On Twitter, the government of that province published: "The three units of the PNR in # Camagüey with their fighters defend the Cuban Revolution ... Photos from a few minutes ago ... do not believe the fake news #LasCallesDeLosRevolucionario in #Cuba."

- Manipulated image of street riots, supposedly in Havana, has been shared on social networks more than 2,500 times and shows several people running and the street floor dirty with garbage, Cubasí denounced . AFP showed that the launch of "bottles, stones and all kinds of objects", visible in that image, occurred in London on July 11, before the final of Euro 2020.

The generation of fake news against Cuba is not a phenomenon these days. In 2020, our diplomatic representation to the United Nations even denounced this phenomenon.

Before the UN Human Rights Council, diplomat Jairo Rodríguez explained that "Our country is subjected to avalanches of this type of information on a daily basis, released by digital platforms that reside and have federal funding in another country." Directly, he summoned the United States, which uses the spread of fake news as an instrument of political destabilization.

It was also denounced at the Forum of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2020, and as an international event, the role of the media and the internet in a pandemic scenario was addressed.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was reported that our children and the elderly were being vaccinated at home by false doctors. The malicious rumor sought to denigrate the Cuban health system and create a climate of uncertainty in the nation. Lies related to schools, vaccines, and, of course, the situation in Matanzas also circulated.

From before, there are also examples. On April 14, 2016, the EFE agency reported the seizure of 401 kilograms of cocaine in the Port of Colón, Panama, allegedly introduced in a container from the Port of Mariel, Havana, and whose final destination was Belgium. The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba denied that this container was a carrier of drugs in its structure or in the metal tanks, in which there was only honey. 

On October 18, 2015, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the claims of Fox News and other media about the alleged presence of Cuban military troops in Syria.

And the biggest fake news against Cuba in recent times are the alleged sonic attacks against diplomats from the United States embassy on the island.

In the history of Cuba, there are two other famous fake news. One of them was the blowing up of the battleship USS Maine, on February 15, 1898 in the port of Havana, used as a pretext for a United States military intervention; however the ship had been deliberately sunk.

The second lie, also very cruel, was the dissemination of an alleged Law of loss of parental authority that the CIA circulated in Cuba, as the beginning of the ruthless Operation Peter Pan.

In an article published in our newspaper by the academic and intellectual Fernando Buen Abad, the top ten of the bourgeois fallacies that generated this type of "balls" include: 

  • USA won World War II.
  • There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  • The "End of History" and the paradise of the "market economy."
  • The front page of the newspaper El País, from Spain, on the death of Hugo Chávez.
  • The girl Frida-Sofía invented by Televisa, from Mexico.
  • The whole affair against Julian Assange.
  • The Pope's support for Donald Trump.
  • Cuban doctors are spies, according to the Argentine oligarchic press.
  • China manufactured the new coronavirus.
  • The economy collapses due to COVID-19.

«The level of lies also requires perfecting their liars and that is why they are trained in the production and distribution of fallacies. Some, mercenaries of falsehood, are willing to always go further and are capable of arranging any scene or text to flatter their masters and feel like "phony opinion leaders," "wrote Abada.


Fortunately, on Twitter, Facebook and other networks, messages have been sent not only in support of the Revolution, but also with reliable information on the situation in the country that denies the fake news generated.

Under the labels #CubaSoberana, #CubaUnida and # CubaNoEstáSola, users on the Twitter platform have shared videos and photos of the streets throughout the national territory to demonstrate citizen tranquility, while accounts lie about "taken sites."

Complaints about what humanitarian intervention is really looking for, as well as the consequences that this type of "aid" has brought, abound in the messages of people from all over the world who support the island.

Messages also abound that dismantle the true claims behind the riots: violence, aggression, vandalism ..., everything that destabilizes and justifies interference.

Do you know of any lies spread by those who try to lead Cuba towards chaos? Write U.S..