CUBADEBATE: Milwaukee School Board asks White House to normalize relations with Cuba

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Milwaukee School Board asks White House to normalize relations with Cuba

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Just one day after the Chicago City Council voted unanimously in favor of normalized relations with Cuba, the Milwaukee School Board also unanimously adopted a resolution on Thursday night , February 25 , calling for “the Biden administration and all other relevant political, health and educational authorities to invite without delay to negotiations with their Cuban counterparts to explore mutually beneficial cooperation, as a step towards normalization of relations between our countries ”. 

The Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba strongly supported this resolution and its expression of support can be read here .

The resolution noted that Cuba's free educational system has been recognized internationally and by American academics "for its consistent high academic performance, its focus on cultural inclusion, equity, and student participation, all the things that educators Americans could benefit from cultural exchanges. "

The resolution also noted that Cuban medicine has helped a West Bend, Wisconsin man with advanced lung cancer, and is providing free medical education to a 2010 MPS graduate who hopes to work as a physician in an underserved area in the US. USA

Tony Baez , MPS board member, expert and consultant in bilingual education throughout the Western Hemisphere, co-sponsored the measure and praised its adoption, saying that "we have a lot to learn and share with our Cuban brothers and sisters." Board members Bob Peterson and Annie Woodward were also co-sponsors.

Dr. Raúl Galván , a prominent member of the Milwaukee Cuban-American community who was born in Havana, also welcomed such initiatives: “Hopefully Biden and Congress can act quickly to normalize travel and trade with Cuba and establish a continuous dialogue with the Cuban government. "

The resolution will be sent to the president and members of the Wisconsin Congress. It joins not only Chicago, but also Detroit, Cleveland, Madison, WI, and many other cities to adopt similar resolutions . The full MPS resolution can be read here , and the Chicago City Council resolution can be read here . For more information, contact the Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, .

(Information from the Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba)

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