CAMAGÜEY.- The sample Degustación, by the ceramist Martha Jiménez, is part of the result of a complex stage in her life, after an operation, hence the added value of the artistic practice had a therapeutic function.

personalpersonal"I was depressed," she said at the opening of the exhibition set up in a room at the Casa de la Diversidad Camagüeyana, in front of Agramonte Park, a collateral action to the 31st City Hall.

Years before, she had suffered an accident during a creative process, but she overcame the discomfort until surgical intervention on her right knee was imminent, just at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba.

When she could, Martha Jiménez gave reins to her hands to expel all the accumulated restlessness, and she modeled plates and vases to capture her own iconography of her vindictive speech of women.

She made 19 works, including the triptych Movements 1, 2 and 3 of harlequins in glazed ceramic, the predominant technique, although she also produced pieces with cold-covered terracotta.

To her voluminous bodies, sewing machines, goats, fish, moons and horseshoes, she added the parabolic antenna to allude to connectivity and at the same time to urge the communication necessary for today's world.

In that sense, she attributed her greatest privilege to a large 50-centimeter-diameter plate where she traced the face of a curly-haired woman, with sad eyes and a redness like the effect of a blow on her mouth.

This piece has no title but it is unmistakable, not only because it faces the entrance door to space, but also because of the message written by Martha Jiménez: "Understanding, perseverance for everyone on the planet, may this holocaust be removed from the earth" .

Below is piece number eight, which she began to make in 2013 and cracked during the process; however, she did not discard the plate, and in the midst of recovering her leg, she found the solution to finish the work.

All this time of convalescence has served Martha Jiménez to reaffirm her visual poetics of her deep immersion in the problems of the feminine, and also to concentrate on other projects.

"In addition to the exhibition, I made a canvas and finished three sculptures of monks for the San Juan de Dios Museum," she said in anticipation of a menu that will also be unavoidable to taste with your eyes and soul.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez