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REUTERS/Marc Frank: Cuba begins coronavirus vaccine trials on children By Pete Link ·
AL JAZEERA: As infections rise, Cuban doctors fan out to encourage COVID jabs By Pete Link ·
ONCUBA NEWS: How was the efficacy of the Cuban COVID-19 vaccine candidates calculated? By Pete Link ·
ONCUBA NEWS: Coronavirus: Delta variant “makes way in Havana” By Pete Link ·
THE NATIONAL (UAE): These countries are making their own Covid-19 vaccines from scratch By Pete Link ·
DEUTSCHE WELLE: Cuba′s COVID vaccine rivals BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna By Pete Link ·
THE FINANCIAL EXPRESS (India): Cuba says its Abdala vaccine among the most effective in the world By Pete Link ·
LA PRENSA LATINA MEDIA/EFE: Cuba a step away from requesting WHO approval of local vaccines By Pete Link ·
NEWSCLICK: Cuba’s Abdala and Soberana 02 Vaccines Near the Finish Line By Pete Link ·
MALAY MAIL: Citing the efficacy of its homegrown ones, Cuba offers to collaborate with Malaysia on Covid-19 vaccine development, says ambassador By Pete Link ·
EURONEWS: Iran's Raisi says quick COVID-19 vaccination to top his plans By Pete Link ·
NYT: Cuba reports a high success rate for its homegrown Abdala vaccine By Pete Link ·
*has more detail* REUTERS: Cuba says Abdala vaccine 92.28% effective against coronavirus By Pete Link ·
REUTERS: Cuba encouraged by early efficacy results of homegrown COVID-19 vaccine By Pete Link ·
AL JAZEERA: Cuba encouraged by early efficacy results of COVID-19 vaccine By Pete Link ·
*yes!* NEWSCLICK (INDIA): Cuba’s COVID-19 Vaccines: A Journey of Collaboration and Revolutionary Solidarity By Pete Link ·
REUTERS: Drop in Havana COVID-19 cases boosts hopes Cuban vaccines working 2 messages By Pete Link ·
THE AFRICAN EXPONENT: How American Sanctions Hinder the Mass Production of Cuban Vaccines Against COVID-19 By Pete Link ·
VNEXPRESS: Vietnam to produce Cuban Covid vaccine By Pete Link ·
ONCUBA NEWS: Cubans residing in Canada send medical donation to Cuba 3 messages By Walter Lippmann ·
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