YOUTUBE/Belly of the Beast: Cuban Americans and Solidarity Activists March in NYC Before Annual UN Vote on U.S. Embargo By Ike Nahem · #21275 ·
November 2 & 3 - 24hr Global Picket Against the US Blockade on Cuba! (ENG/ESP/FR) By Tamara Hansen · #21274 ·
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Letter from a friend in Havana, Tuesday morning, November 1, 2022 By Walter Lippmann · #21271 ·
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*important* PROGRESO WEEKLY: Unacceptable Halloween costumes in Holguín By Walter Lippmann · #21269 ·
FACEBOOK/Juana Carrasco Martin: KKK: a very serious warning to be alert and not to let it pass. By Walter Lippmann · #21268 ·
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FACEBOOK/Lupe Fuentes: From HOLGUÍN, and on behalf of the Aponte Commission affiliate. By Walter Lippmann · #21264 ·
MIAMI HERALD/Oppenheimer: Miami Republican lawmakers demand democracy in Cuba, Venezuela, but embrace U.S. autocrats like Trump By Walter Lippmann · #21263 · Edited
CUBADEBATE: Russia will not recognize investigation results in Nord Stream case if Russian experts are not involved By Walter Lippmann · #21262 ·
CUBADEBATE: Putin: Nordstream explosions were without a doubt terrorism By Walter Lippmann · #21261 ·
GRANMA: Racism is not compatible with our national project (+ Video) By Walter Lippmann · #21260 ·
UPDATED with embedded photos---more words by ALU, James< Steve... By Brenda Lopez · #21259 ·
LA Rally AGAINST US BLOCKADE OF CUBA- complete article with embedded photos and videos of prominent speakers. PLEASE POST AND SHARE By Brenda Lopez · #21258 · Yordan Alvarez’s Family Is Making Up for Lost Time By Walter Tillow · #21257 ·
CUBADEBATE/Dixie Edith: FMC: A space for all women By Walter Lippmann · #21256 ·
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