Walter, here's your CubaBuzz - 198


IFCO's CubaBuzz: Issue 198
Latest Covid-19 update in Cuba
(as of May 25th, 2020)
1963 -- Confirmed cases
434-- Admitted for clinical epidemiological surveillance
1709-- Recuperated
82-- Deaths
In related news:
Telesur, May 22, 2020- Cuba’s Health Ministry (MINSAP) Epidemiology Director Francisco Duran Friday said that his country applies different effective strategies and treatments to COVID-19 patients. 

He also stated that massive studies have allowed to determinate the presence of antibodies in the population and referred to drugs effective against COVID-19 such as CIGB-258 and Interferon Alpha 2B.

In related news:
Covid-19: Cuban doctors attend more than 26,000 patients worldwide, May 20, 2020-  The 26 brigades of Cuban doctors from the Henry Reeve Contingent who are working today in about twenty countries, have so far treated more than 26,000 patients from Covid-19.

The meeting of the Cuban government's temporary working group held this Tuesday, revealed that the health professionals from the Caribbean island working in 24 nations saved the lives of 976 people affected by the pandemic.

UK Gov't urged to seek Cuban medical assistance to fight Covid-19
Prensa Latina, May 26, 2020- An online petition on Tuesday urges the British government to seek Cuba's collaboration to contain the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and provide medical care to patients affected by the pandemic in the United Kingdom.

Ambassador to UN highlights ties between Cuba and Africa
Prensa Latina, United Nations, May 25, 2020- Cuba's relationship with Africa is genetic: that region's blood, culture and spirituality helped shape the island's nationality, said here today Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations Ana Silvia Rodriguez.

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