CUBADEBATE: Ruling coalition loses legislative elections in Argentina

Walter Lippmann


Ruling coalition loses legislative elections in Argentina

November 15, 2021
Translated by Walter Lippmann for CubaNews.

Image: Sputnik.

The ruling coalition the Frente de Todos was defeated at the national level by almost 8.5 points of difference at the hands of the main opposition front, Juntos por el Cambio, in the legislative elections, which leads it to lose the majority in the Senate, if Well it manages to discount votes in the largest province in the country, Buenos Aires.

With more than 98% counted, the main opposition bloc, Together for Change, reached 42% of the votes, while the Frente de Todos obtained 33.5% of the votes at the national level, in the absence of the final recount.
With more than 9.7 million votes, the opposition alliance Together for Change was the most voted force in the entire territory.

The front that brought former President Mauricio Macri to power between 2015 and 2019 improved its performance with respect to the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO) elections on September 12, by adding more than 700,000 new members.

The Frente de Todos, with 7.7 million votes, came in second place, although it achieved almost 690,000 more votes in support than in the elections two months ago.

For the first time in 38 years, since the return of democracy in 1983, Peronism will not have a majority in the Senate.

The ruling party loses in six of the eight provinces that elect senators: Córdoba (center), Corrientes (northeast), Chubut (south), Mendoza (center-west), La Pampa (center) and Santa Fe (center-east).

Only Tucumán (northwest) and Catamarca (northeast) were favorable.

The Frente de Todos, which has a mandate until December 2023, will continue to be the first minority in the Chamber of Deputies, having a total of 119 deputies of the 257 seats that this space has.

Key district

With almost 98% scrutinized, the province of Buenos Aires (east) shows a very tight result, with 1.3 percentage points of difference between the main opposition front and the ruling coalition.

In this jurisdiction, which contributes 35 seats to a Chamber of Deputies in which 127 seats are renewed, Together for Change obtained 39.8% of the votes, while the ruling coalition received 38.5% of the votes.

Barely 113,684 votes separate one force from the other.

Other forces

Alberto Fernández, highlighted in a recorded message that from now on the second phase of his Government begins. Photo: AFP.

In these elections, in which half of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies (127 out of 257) and a third of those in the Senate renew, the Left and Workers Front (FIT) is consecrated as the third force at the national level, with 5.9% of the votes (1.3 million ballots).

This space is relegated to fourth place in the capital, where the La Libertad Avanza party of the ultra-liberal economist Javier Milei sits as the third most voted force, obtaining 17% of the votes (equivalent to some 310,000 votes).

The FIT also does not achieve third place in the province of Buenos Aires, being ousted by the Avanza Libertad party led by another libertarian economist, José Luis Espert.

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, highlighted in a recorded message that from now on the second phase of his government begins.

In his speech, the president summoned the opposition to dialogue, and announced that he will send a bill to Congress in the first week of December that reflects the "understandings" that his government hopes to reach with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in relation to to the loan of 44,000 million dollars that the country owes to the multilateral entity.

Provisional scrutiny is carried out by the National Electoral Directorate (DINE), dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, and is carried out by counting the telegrams drawn up at each voting station.

The electoral justice is responsible for the final scrutiny, which is the legal one and is carried out through the minutes.

(Taken from Sputnik )

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