Re: MODERATOR'S NOTE: Power restored. Back to work...

Walter Lippmann

No plans for travel at the moment.

Glad that other can and are going

but with my complicated medical

issues, I'm not yet making plans 

for travel. Thanks for asking!


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Shades of Cuba. Walter are you going to Cuba?  How are you doing??

Emily Oswald Coffey 
Oswald Family Ranch On Rush Creek
Colorado Engage Cuba Council 
2133 Primo Road Unit 207
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
H 303-422-2865
C 303-807-4444

On Nov 15, 2021, at 4:30 PM, Greg <greg@...> wrote:

Thanks for all your hard work Walter, but especially today seeing as it's a somewhat historic day for Cuba.

On 11/15/2021 11:32 AM, Walter Lippmann wrote:

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Power restored. 
It came back on about 30 minutes ago.
I'll get back to work now.



Walter Lippmann

11:33 AM



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