IFCO-P4P: CubaBuzz - 256


IFCO's CubaBuzz: Issue 256
Latest Covid-19 update in Cuba
(as of August 4th, 2021)
431,013-- Confirmed cases
45,632-- Active cases
382,141-- Recuperated
3,184-- Deaths
Havana: 1,252,000 people vaccinated with Abdala’s three doses

The province was also the venue of the phase I, II and III clinical trials of Soberana 02, which made it possible to vaccinate 30,770 people, in addition to the interventions in health workers and risk groups. These figures, together with the...

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In Related News:
How Biden Reacts to Cuban Protests
Let Cuba Live: the Movement Standing Up to Biden’s Maximum Pressure

On July 22, U.S. President Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris released a "fact sheet" on U.S. "measures" against Cuba. The release from the White House said that Cuba was a "top priority for the Biden-Harris administration."

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If the US really cared about freedom in Cuba, it would end its punishing sanctions

he violent protests that erupted in Cuba in early July were the first serious social disturbances since the "Maleconazo" of 1994, 27 years ago. Both these periods were characterised by deep economic crises. I was living in Havana in the mid-90s...

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Cuba Is Putting Its Heart into the Olympic Games in Tokyo

By Alejandra Garcia on August 5, 2021 from Havana When dawn broke this morning on the fourteenth day of the Olympic Games, Cuba was in 15th place in the Tokyo medal standings. It is admirable and not fortuitous that the small island of only 11...

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My Turn: 'An embargo on the minds of the American people'

On June 23 for the 29th consecutive year the vast majority of countries of the United Nations General Assembly voted for a resolution demanding an end to the half-century old U.S. economic embargo against Cuba. Most people think that this is only ...

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The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) authorized the registration and granted the corresponding license to the U.S. company Fuego Enterprises Inc., in the National Registry of Foreign Commercial Representations,...

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The Good People who will Give Internet to Cuba

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on August 5, 2021 GitHub, the largest free software platform in the world, has published an incomplete list of 60 computer programs, sites and services restricted for Cuba by the unreasonable U.S. blockade, which according ...

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By Wendy Holm on August 2, 2021 The emails kept coming in... From farmers and students and chefs and academics whom I'd taken to that tiny island country over the past two decades to learn about her leadership in sustainable agriculture,...

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René González of the Cuban Five on Cuba’s Challenge and Washington’s Hypocrisy

René González is one of the Cuban Five, long jailed in the US for their intelligence work combating far-right Miami terrorist groups. He spoke to Jacobin about the blockade and what his trial told him about the US's concern for human rights in Cuba.

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