IFCO-P4P: Our Cuban friends need our help.


Our Cuban Friends need our help....
Here's what you can do:
1) Help us to send medical aid NOW!!!
2) Join us for the Friendshipment Caravan in November
3) Work with us to end the Blockade
As we wrote earlier this week - IFCO/Pastors for Peace unapologetically stands in solidarity with our Cuban family during this difficult time. We recognize that the combined impact of the devastating pandemic and an economic crisis fuelled by the 60-year-old U.S. blockade gripping the country is creating tremendous hardship for our Cuban brothers and sisters.
President’s Biden’s words recently about Cuba were a truly open declaration of economic war against the Cuban people. All of us who stand in solidarity with our Cuban sisters and brothers need to show, in words and deeds, that this is not the Cuba policy that the people of the U.S. want, nor indeed the Cuba policy that people voted for when they cast their ballot in favor of candidate Joe Biden. Nor is it the end of the blockade that almost the entire world voted for in the UN General Assembly on June 23. 
Today IFCO/Pastors for Peace
is announcing the following
1.  We know that the Cuban people need emergency medical aid now! They have compassionate and skilled health workers in abundance but the blockade is denying those workers the medications and medical supplies they need to do their job. Cuba has the technical capacity to produce 80% of the medicines it needs but it cannot currently access the raw materials to produce them because of the blockade.
Along with many others IFCO has supported the Saving Lives' Syringes for Cuba campaign, which is on course to send 6 million syringes to Cuba in the coming weeks, to help Cuba vaccinate its entire population against COVID. We know and welcome that the campaign is planning a shift to send medicines and medical supplies to Cuba.
2. We will be taking the largest possible Friendshipment Caravan of people and humanitarian medical aid to Cuba this fall. If by then the state of the pandemic in Cuba and the U.S. allow, we will be in Cuba from November 1 – 12. But if it has to be a little later, have no doubt that we are going to Cuba.
Join us to challenge the blockade and, in the words of our Cuban American brother Carlos Lazo, build “Bridges of Love” between the peoples of the U.S. and Cuba.
To request all the current information about the Caravan and get access to the on-line application form please write to friendshipmentcaravan@...
But as of today IFCO is launching an emergency medical aid for Cuba appeal. Our intent is to send as much medicine to Cuba as we can, as soon as we can. All monies raised will be used to immediately purchase bulk supplies of over-the-counter medicines and to fly them to Cuba to be used by the Cuban health service.
Cuba has been enormously generous in its past medical aid to many countries around the world. Now it is time to repay that generosity. Please dig deep for Cuba!
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