July 17, 9 AM EDT: ICAP : A Presentation on the Current Situation in Cuba


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Saturday, July 17 at 9 am ET
Details of the present situation in Cuba
from ICAP via @SiempreConCuba
Message from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)
to the Solidarity Movement with Cuba
Dear friends,
As reported by the highest leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Revolutionary Government, street riots have occurred in our country, organized and sponsored by counterrevolutionary groups inside and outside the Island. These actions resulted from an organized plan designed and financed by the U.S. government in their attempt at overthrowing the Cuban Revolution.
Just a few days after being isolated in front of the international community — when the United Nations General Assembly for the 29th time overwhelmingly voted in favor of lifting the blockade — the U.S. government used its propaganda machinery to foster the social disorder in the Island. They promoted a misinformation campaign aimed at imposing a public opinion matrix through the hashtag #SOSCuba. They used the new COVlD-19 outbreak and the complex economic situation that they themselves have increased by means of the intensification of the blockade to justify their hypocritical call for "humanitarian aid" in Cuba.
The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples strongly rejects these actions, It is part of political-ideological destabilizing plan aimed at undermining our independence and sovereignty, manipulating the social network and the mass media. They are very much upset because for more than 60 years most of the Cuban people support the socialist and revolutionary project.
Cuba is not alone. With solidarity, millions of friends from all over the world have joined us and will keep on accompanying us in our fight against an intensified economic, commercial and financial blockade. Together we reject the 243 additional measures from the last period.
Next July 17th 9 am (Cuban local time) (Eastern) and @SiempreConCuba on Facebook and YouTube platforms, our Institute will present details of the present situation in Cuba.
We make a call for you to follow us. These are times for raising our voices in defense of the truth and for rejecting and denouncing the imperialist threats.
Long live socialist, independent and sovereign Cuba!
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