IFCO-P4P: CubaBuzz - 254


IFCO's CubaBuzz: Issue 254
Latest Covid-19 update in Cuba
(as of July 15th, 2021)
269,546-- Confirmed cases
43,434-- Active cases
224,265-- Recuperated
1,791 -- Deaths
Cuban drug regulator gives emergency approval to Abdala COVID-19 vaccine

HAVANA, July 9 (Reuters) - Cuba's drug regulator announced on Friday it had granted emergency approval of the Abdala COVID-19 vaccine, which is already being deployed on the Caribbean island nation amid a surge in infections.

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On the day of the protests and acts of vandalism in Cuba President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced the desire of the United States (US) government to provoke a massive social outburst on the island. "To which all that propaganda and all those...

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Cuban president claims protests part of US plot to ‘fracture’ Communist party

The Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has attacked the "shameful delinquents" he claimed were trying to "fracture" his country's communist revolution after the Caribbean island witnessed its largest anti-government protests in nearly three...

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Black Lives Matter calls for end of Cuba embargo

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is calling on the U.S. government to end the decades-long embargo on Cuba amid a growing wave of anti-government protests in the island nation, arguing that the ban on commercial activity is "cruel and inhumane."

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It’s Time for Biden to Choose Between Starving Cubans and Votes in Florida

For its first six months in office, the Biden administration did its best to ignore Cuba, slogging through a seemingly endless policy review and responding to questions about it with campaign platitudes. The social unrest that broke out across...

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A speech by the Cuban president: ‘The people will defend their Revolution’

A report on First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez's special message explaining recent events to the people, written by authors Gladys Leydis Ramos López and Juan Diego Nusa...

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US Efforts 'To Destroy Cuba' Have Failed: President Diaz-Canel
Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Friday the United States "has failed in its efforts to destroy Cuba," after Joe Biden called the island nation "a failed state."
"The United States has failed in its efforts to destroy Cuba, despite spending billions of dollars to do so," the Communist leader tweeted, five days after historic anti-government protests saw one death, dozens of injuries and more than 100 arrests.
"A failed state is a state which, in order to please and blackmail a reactionary minority, is capable of multiplying the damage to 11 million human beings, ignoring the will of the majority of Cubans, Americans and the international community," Diaz-Canel continued, referring to the US trade embargo in place since 1962 and reinforced under former president Donald Trump.
On Thursday Biden -- who accused Cuba of "repressing their citizens" -- said the United States was preparing to potentially send to Cuba "significant amounts of vaccine if, in fact, I was assured an international organization would administer those vaccines and do it in a way that average citizens would have access to those vaccines."
He also said the US was considering ways to force open internet restrictions in Cuba.
Diaz-Canel shot back, saying: "If President Joseph Biden had sincere humanitarian concern for the Cuban people, he could eliminate the 243 measures implemented by President Donald Trump, including the more than 50 cruelly imposed during the pandemic, as a first step towards ending the blockade."
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