GRANMA: Planting more sugarcane is a priority for the country

Walter Lippmann

Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez

The growth of sugar production is decided by a greater planting of sugarcane in all the agricultural units of the sector.

In this idea, Salvador Valdés Mesa, vice president of the Republic, and Commander José Ramón Machado Ventura insisted on Mayabeque, who also inquired about the preparations for the upcoming harvest and food self-sufficiency.

Simultaneously, they said, it is essential to carry out fertilization and cultivation, tasks that demand the highest quality to obtain higher yields per hectare, an aspect not resolved in many base entities.

Valdés Mesa referred to the need for efficiency in irrigation and other agrotechnical care, even in the midst of material limitations, and indicated the correct use of varieties with high sugar yield potential, an issue that requires more effective use of science next to the groove.

He pointed out the need to plant in the areas closest to the plant, which translates into savings in fuel, tires and other very expensive resources in the international market, and which the blockade prevents access.

The Vice President of the Republic said that the current spring season is an opportune moment to apply the measures approved by the Government's leadership to stimulate the agricultural process in a general sense; we must change the way of thinking and doing, and temper ourselves to the times we live in, he said.

In the base units, Machado Ventura stressed, animal traction must be used more in the tasks that allow it, as well as diversifying the productions to solve the nutrition of the workers and their families and sell to the community.

Regarding the industry, they referred to the urgency of making quality repairs, even when resources are not enough.

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