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This is a mailing list server for the convenience and enjoyment of anyone interested in CS Yachts. It allows you to communicate with others who share that interest. You can send an e-mail message to the server, which will automatically forward it to all other list subscribers. As a subscriber, you can reply to messages, and the reply will go to all subscribers. You need not be a member of CSOA to join this list. However, it is absolutely not to be used for commercial messages or any purpose other than that stated above. Anyone abusing the privilege of joining the list will be removed from it at the sole discretion of the list moderator.

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  • #cs34 CS34 Sailboat 95 threads
  • #cs30 CS30 Sailboat 33 threads
  • #admin Admin discussion, no e-mails sent to group. 21 threads
  • #engine 20 threads
  • #cs36t CS36 Traditional Sailboat 18 threads
  • #bilgepump Everything relating to bilge pumps 16 threads
  • #bilge 9 threads
  • #mast 9 threads
  • #water 7 threads
  • #cs33 CS33 Sailboat 7 threads

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