Shipping abnormal notification 21 messages By Adam Rong ·
Modify a D4D by hacking in a SI5351A VFO? 5 messages By Adrian B ·
New Faceplates for CS-xxV By Adam Rong ·
File updated in 3 messages By Notification ·
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D4D4D 4 messages By Nigel Young ZL1NAY ·
Crk10 r18 4 messages By Christopher Leslie ·
D4D By Nigel Young ZL1NAY ·
CS-xxV kit temporarily out of stock By Adam Rong ·
D4D4D update 2 messages By Nigel Young ZL1NAY ·
D4D4D 5 messages By Nigel Young ZL1NAY ·
Play with old chip CA3028 10 messages By Adam Rong ·
US to France with the HT-1 3 messages By Christopher Leslie ·
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CS-xxV and CRK-10A can be ordered By Adam Rong ·
DSD and Raspberry Pi 2 messages By William E. Artelt ·
Extra Cystals 4 messages By Nigel Young ZL1NAY ·
D4D 20m Engineering Change Notice By Adam Rong ·
1st CS-15V QSO logged 2 messages By Adam Rong ·
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