The first customer feedback for the CS-15V kit

Adam Rong


I just received the first customer feedback from Japan. It seems the customer encountered some typical issues, so here I explain again.

He feels poor receiver sensitivity and about 1.5 watt RF output, and the frequency range is 21.255-21.268MHz. He also noted that 120 ohm is missing but there is one extra resistor.

The IF gain of the BF998 module is smaller than a MC1350, but with the help from the less insertion loss of the IF filter, the volume coming out from the speaker mic is still okay. The most possible reason for the poor sensitivity is the tuning of the coils in BPF. The cores should be turned to the bottom position. An experienced builder will not turn again if you feel a stop position, but here I show you the position on my sample radio for a comparison. Same goes for the TX BPF. If it is not turned to the right position, the TX power will be lower and 1.5W is a reasonable number. The VXO range is not too abnormal but if you turn the DIY7-7 coil down to the lowest position, it will be a bit wider. The color bars of 120 ohm and 10k resistors are the same but in different direction. Use your ohm meter to check the resistors with Brown, Red, Black, Black, Brown (120 ohm), or in the reversed direction Brown, Black, Black, Red, Brown (10k)


It's A Sky Blue Sky

Hi, Adam,

Very interesting.  I don't see a new CS-xxV kit on the home page.  When do you think it will be generally available? 

BTW, I just ordered an HT-1A.  I'm looking forward to it.  I know it may take a while.  My last package from China took about six weeks, I assume due to COVID-19.  Fortunately you are well known and well trusted in the ham community here.

Caitlyn, W4TU

Adam Rong

Hi Caitlyn, W4TU,

Thanks for your order of HT-1A and it is one of the last a few radios in the 2nd batch. We are still making decision whether we should proceed with the 3rd batch. CS-xxV GA is already done but I just don't have enough time to update the web site. You can email me offline, including CRK-10A kits.

The COVID-19 indeed impacted international shipping. Fortunately it is moving recently, and I assume you are recovering from the worst situation. FedEx is more promising and I will need your telephone number. Please contact me offline at rongxh@...