Nice guys, thank you!

Adam Rong


My shipping agent made a mistake to have swapped the shipment of a HT-1A kit and an assembled kit, one to United States and the other to New Zealand.

Based on the latest review, I see the issue is fixed at US side with smile. One the other hand, in New Zealand, the gentleman forwarded the wrong shipment for me and he was pleased with my new shipment.

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Great little rig! Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I ordered an assembled HT-1A from CRKITS, but they shipped me the kit instead. Adam was very willing to do what was needed to make things right, but wasn't able to get an assembled unit shipped to me before Field Day. So I opted to take a refund of the difference and build the kit myself. I'm glad I did.

This was the first kit that I've built entirely by myself. But the instructions (you have to download), and Adam's Youtube video for the build, convinced me to give it a try. It took me quite a bit longer than the two hours advertised in which to put this kit together, but I was determined not to make a rookie mistake. I have never had to wind toroids before, so I sought additional instructions on that (thank goodness for the internet). It wasn't too hard for this first-timer, and the radio came to life with the first toggle of the power switch.

I am very impressed with this little radio. I compared it side by side with my Ten-Tec Argonaut V, on a night with poor propagation and heavy QRN. I could not perceive a difference between the two receivers. I enjoy QRP fox hunts, and working split frequencies is no problem with the XIT on this rig.

I ordered the HT-1A to use in the field, but I find it being my go-to QRP rig in the shack. At $150 I would think Adam would have a hard time keeping any in stock.