New Version of "Sandwich" is now available.

Larry Lovell

Adam has discontinued selling the original Sandwich.  I have found that there is still a small demand for the product.  I am now introducing the "Sandwich 2".  

It is still a Digital VFO but is now on a single board that is added to an Arduino Mini.  The software is the same as the original with an LED to determine frequency.  It fits in the same slot as the original Sandwich.
There are some other software options that are available on request, such as allowing to two bands to be programmed into the software.
Also, I have an Adapter Board available that will allow the use of an Arduino Nano to be used instead of the Arduino Mini.  Availability is the main reason.
Introductory Price is: $30 plus shipping.  A PCB is also available.

Contact me at larry.lovell76@... or

Larry Lovell
73's N7RGW
Cell: 214-697-1729

Adam Rong

Congratulations, Larry. The Sandwich digital VFO is a unique design of CRKits. It can work with KN-Q7A and CS-xxV series.