D4D: Go mobile with Raspberry Pi

Adam Rong


I suppose you have seen the video "Field Test: D4D and Pi" at my web store We Chinese hams have a WeChat discussion group about it and we have achieved several successes putting together this configuration.

You will need:
1x D4D radio that you can build by yourself from the kit which you can purchase from
2x Audio cables come from D4D kit
1x USB sound card that you can purchase from
1x Raspberry Pi Model 3B or higher with WiFi. In order to get it running, you will need a micro SD card, and a USB power supply cable. LCD display is not needed, as we will use VNC or TeamViewer to remote control by WiFi
1x Li-Ion power bank for both 12V >0.5A (for D4D) and 5V >2.0A (for Pi) output and a DC cable for D4D. If you cannot get it, you can work out your own solution
1x EFHW antenna (you can purchase the Mini Wire Antenna kit from as it is a perfect match for D4D) or a dipole antenna like 6-60m Coil Dipole Antenna or other antennas you may have on hand
1x Your cell phone with Internet Sharing to your Raspberry Pi

Software on Pi:
You will need to install WSJT-x Raspberry Pi version. The latest version is  wsjtx_2.1.0_armhf.deb
If you would like to use JTDX instead, you can try this JTDX v2.0.1-rc138
VNC host is by default installed, but if you find it not compatible, you can try TeamViewer. Remember to start service at power on
Setup the WiFi after your cell phone shares the Internet

Software on your cell phone:
VNC client or TeamViewer client
You will need to share your Internet to Pi

Please share your experience setting up these hardware and software. Here we Chinese hams love this very much as the whole configuration is so portable.