knq7a output envelope

Ronald Hering

Hi all,
 I finally got the bias voltage right ( had a shorted 3357 ), now , not having a rf meter for 20 meters, I hung a scope on the antenna. I could only peak for 6 volts p-p, all the 530 voltages ars correct. Is what im seeing on the scope right or do i need to find an rf meter? Thanks ron


Way low.

6V PP translates to 4.242V rms (Vp-p*.707) across 50 ohms or .08484A (ohms law)
and the power is RMS voltage * current or about .35W  not the nominal 6-10W
at nominal 13.8V.

I'd expect the RMS voltage for full power to be more than 17-20V RMS or about 
25 to 29V P-P.

The other thing to monitor is the current of the radio during transmit.  It should reach
2A (24-27W DC input) during normal operation.