More on CS-17 and FT8 Digital Modes


In less than 2 hours this afternoon I made 20 confirmed QSO's all across North America with  a new the new FT8 digital mode and a CS-17 transceiver (17M band).  Operating was done on 12.7v battery power and TX power was held at 5 watts.  Farthest contact today was 2,180 miles.  The bottom enclosure of the CS-17 barely got warm to the touch even with continuous transmit cycles calling CQ for 15 seconds then listening for 15 seconds, repeat.

With the FT50-43 toroid in place of T3, the CS-Series transceiver is turning out to be perfect for QRP digital mode operation.

I've attached a couple of pictures...

One is my setup when operating using digital modes and the other shows the larger FT50-43 toroid inside the CS-17 on the main PCB.  Note the regular size toroid in the foreground for comparison.