Bought an Elecraft K2 Kit

Adam Rong

Hi all,

I bought an Elecraft K2 kit with serial number 007043 during my business trip in USA recently. I don't yet have time to start to build it, but it looks pretty good by the first glance. The parts are packed in plastic bags by different option boards or different categories, which makes it much easier to perform parts inventory. The owner's manual is paper based and about 1/2 inch thick, which is seldom found nowadays when the computer and electronic document become popular. The manual is step-by-step format with rich information about the operation theory, schematic and PCB layout, so the builders can easily follow during assembly. From kit engineering itself, K2 sets a milestone and a good example for Chinese kit makers.

BTW, since more people purchased KN-Q10 kit from me, I am starting translation of operation manual to English. Stay tuned.

73 de BD6CR/4, Adam

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