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Adam Rong

The frequency range of CS-15V is around 21.050 to 21.070 due to crystal. I have crystal to cover 7074 if you wish to use FT8. Choose CS-40V. A VOX circuit or PTT control circuit will be added as well.

The case is included. Also, the speaker mic is included in the price. The regular shipping of CS-xxV will be around 12 to 15 USD for different countries.


2020年10月8日 下午5:08,Norbert <> 写道:

And what is the frequency range of cs15_v?
I wish to use it for ft8. Is the case included.
You mention the option of cheaper postage, what would that be?
Thank you.
Norbert, om1ava___
Od: "Adam Rong" <>
Dátum: 07.10.2020 04:51
Predmet: Re: [crkits] Little Choc Receiver
15m is more challenging regarding frequency stability and RF output for such a simple circuit. Also, crystal customization is another issue.


在 2020年10月7日,上午5:57,Norbert <> 写道:

Hi Adam,
Do you not plan a 15m band dsb ft8 trx?
Norbert, om1ava
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Dátum: 06.10.2020 04:41
Predmet: Re: [crkits] Little Choc Receiver
VK3YE inspires us all😀. He does a lot of interesting things.
73 de Gary W0ITT
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Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2020 7:26 PM
Subject:Re: [crkits] Little Choc Receiver
This article in Chinese talks about the upgrade of LCR: By adding one more component, the front end impedance matching is improved for 50 ohm antenna system. VK3YE inspired me.

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