Re: Little Choc Receiver

Adam Rong


I still have many Choc perfboards in stock. These boards are FR4 material, good for high frequency circuits. One board contains 12 units and the size is 91 mm by 150 mm. I sell for 2 USD each plus shipping. You can get a 7030 crystal as a gift if you order 5 pcs or more. Contact me offline rongxh@...

If you wish to get a LCR receiver kit on Choc perfboard directly, I ask for 8 USD each plus shipping. You can refer to my article on Sprat 184 about it. You can choose from 7010, 7020, 7030, or 7074.

Also, I am offering SDR-40A single band SDR receiver with center frequency 7.056MHz for sound card. It is fully assembled with metal case. The price is 25 USD each plus shipping.


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