Little Choc Receiver

Adam Rong


While I am still waiting for the Autumn 2020 issue of Sprat, JL1KRA sent me the cover page with my Little Choc Receiver photo. I wrote in the beginning,

Hello world! I am the one who first introduced Pixie into China about 20 years ago when I was in university. Now Chinese Pixie kits are extremely inexpensive and readily available to anyone in the world. I like simple yet smart designs like Pixie, and that’s why I have joined G QRP club and enjoyed Sprat so much. In this piece, I would like to introduce a simple receiver designed by myself, which can be built on one unit of my Choc perfboard.

Why Choc receiver and perfboard? Because I have always wanted to cut the perfboard easily, just like the way you break apart a big bar of chocolate. The V cut is one way, but it would cut through the common grounding of different units, so I opted for the stamp holes. The following is the pattern of one unit, whereby several units can be combined using stamp holes. For more information about Choc perfboard, you can read my article Build an SSB Transceiver with Choc Perfboard published in the 2018 Sept/Oct issue of Amateur Radio magazine in Australia, or online at


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