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Adam Rong


True. You can read this story about DC RX.

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I my opinion, nothing cleaner sounding than a direct conversion receiver with a crystal or VXO oscillator.  Also simpler too.  Less things to go wrong.


On Mon, Sep 14, 2020, 10:13 Erick <EDAHAN@...> wrote:
Hi Adam,

Although obvious to many, I think it's nice to include the non-obvious. I would assume kit builders vary in experience and understanding. Sometimes stating the obvious doesn't hurt. I love to see build manuals of other kits (radio or electronics) and notice many have repetitive suggestions... sometimes when you are building kits you go into autopilot and just follow the instructions..if an instruction is omitted, you may forget the obvious.

One kit builder always includes magnet wire that can have the insulation easily burned they suggest to simply leave the iron on the wire for a few seconds to burn off. Not all wire will react that way, so those with experience will sand/scrape the enamel off and sometimes tin before insertion. 

Another one gives the same recommendations on how to separate parts, to do inventory, and a super quick "how to solder" instruction. I love seeing the "don't throw your antenna on electrical wires" recommendation..... sometimes you have to protect people against themselves.

While annoying to document, I have found extremely detailed build instructions to be useful. Those with experience will simply roll their eyes, but you will avoid potential issues for the less experienced -- and the time invested in the document may mean less support emails :-)

In my case, I would rather avoid EXTRA obvious information than LESS information.



On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 9:42 AM Adam Rong <rongxh@...> wrote:

I remember JL1KRA told me someone glued parts to the PCB to build a kit. Although I have tried to write instructions with photos, people still go wrong. That's why I write about pitfalls to help the builder.

Someone may ask why I am still playing around the VXO type NE602 radio kit. Crystal controlled radio is low noise and clear and NE602 radio is easy to build.


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