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Larry Lovell

I use VNC Viewer between my PC (in the house) and my Raspberry Pi/rig in the radio room.

On Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 12:11 PM Thomas Mize KJ4GK <threemanpro@...> wrote:
Thanks Jim, your reply did help.

I have already purchased the Sunfounder open box(it says something about a plastic corner being chipped). I am going to use your setup as a reference for this.

One thing I am eager to find out is if I can find out a way to remotely control the screen of this from another windows desktop. As this is what I am doing right now with a windows tablet with my regular station. The tablet is beside my radio and I use Google Remote Desktop to control the tablet just as if i was sitting in front of it.

It would be really new to be able to store this setup in my storage room closer to an antenna away from my regular one so that it can be ran like you will be doing with solar. I can use a photo switch relay combo to switch either to another battery bank that was charged during the day for night time use or to mains power. I'll have to wait and see.

Well anyway buddy, if you get a chance to make a video of this in operation, and maybe showing a few software shots and maybe some hints on how you got the software all setup would be great. At very least maybe just some footage of the software in action would be really cool.

If not that is fine I am very happy with the info you have already shared. Have fun buddy.



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