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Hi, Adam!

Happy New Year! And Happy 9th Anniversary of!

These are very good news! I was thinking to order D4D DSB Transceiver Kit and Mini Wire Antenna Kit for a some time and now with the drop of the prices I will do it! Also I am interested in getting  KN-Q7A or CS-series PCBs that you'll offer. I am interested in 20 and 40 m variants. I would like to ask you whether you may send these PCBs together with D4D Kit and Mini Wire Antenna Kit?

I think you are doing a great job for Radio Amateurs and your products are very interesting. When I first entered your web site I was surprised that some of the kits are sold out - especially KN-Q7A, CS-series and Choc Perf Boards. Now with your offer I would have the chance to build one of these kits.

I am a Bulgarian ham, but I live in Albania. I hope you can ship to Albania? I can pay through PayPal.

73 de Roumen, LZ4IR and ZA1IR

На нд, 5.01.2020 г. в 7:35 Adam Rong <rongxh@...> написа:


Happy new year!

2020 is the 9th year of CRKits.COM and I am glad I am still active with this side business, although I travel 95% for my professional work.

In 2020, my US distributor Larry will close his web site and only support local customers via his facebook page. I have decided to revisit my pricing strategy and would cut about 10% for all my offerings. Please visit my web store to take a look.

As a gift to my customers, I would offer free main PCB of KN-Q7A or CS-series if you still remember. Please follow this thread if you need one or two piece. Please PayPal 5 USD for the postage. You can also request key parts to ship along if I still have them.

73 de BD6CR
Owner of CRKits.COM

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