Re: D4D not working

Dr. Pedro E. Colla (LU7DID)

Thank you Adam by the suggestion, this is the way I meassure the power output of my WSPR/FT8 beacon (Vpp*0,35)^2/RL in this case ((17V*0,35)^2)/50 would yield 700 mW approx.

The initial testing has been very much satisfactory, in reception as reported in the greatest distance reported so far is some well over 19K Km (JA), on TX I was able to work a couple of PY stations (some 2000 Km away) when the band wasn't quite opened yet; what else can a small device like this be asked (attached is the logbook over the past day or so, reports to my station is of the permanent beacon I have, not the D4D).

I'd shared in my blog some of the experiences in building the kit, the blog is in Spanish but Google translate will yield a half decent translation give or take a couple of words. Thank you for the very good support while building the kit.

73 de Pedro, LU7DID 

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