Re: D4D not working

Adam Rong


Glad that you can make QSO with D4D now. The efficiency of the TX driver and final is low because they are biased in type A or A/B. The power measurement is a bit tricky due to the DSB spectrum. Based on 290mA, I suppose you will get more than 0.5 watt. You can verify using an oscilloscope. The peak to peak RF voltage should be somewhere at 17V, I suppose.


在 2019年10月16日,上午5:07,Dr. Pedro E. Colla (LU7DID) <lu7did@...> 写道:

Although the power meter shows about 200-300 mW output the current is 22 mA on RX and 290 mA on TX, at 12Vcc this is 3.5W of power input, not sure what is the expected yield of the PA but even taking as low as 50% it should be a good over 1.5W of output. SWR is 1:1.2. The current is aligned with other posts I saw and being regarded as normal for 20 mts. So I can not square the meassured output power with this.

I'm doing some FB contacts at the regional level on 20 mts which isn't bad, this is not a surprise, my beacon is using 100 mW and still being reported all over the world, FT8 is an amazing mode.

73 de Pedro, LU7DID

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