D4D not working

Dr. Pedro E. Colla (LU7DID)


Finished the build of the D4D kit without significant issues after a cold soldering prevented the VOX to work properly.

Did some test during the build but not the receiver test.

Upon finishing it doesn't seems to work neither RX nor TX.

Focusing on RX first.

Energy is Up, green led is lit. Audio is present at the audio out socket, a clear constant tone and a more subtle hish noise. Spectrogram is attached. No signals are decoded. My nearby transmitting beacon in 14 MHz is shown as multiple signals (probably because of overloading) but the reception is weak, no decoding can be made by WSJT-x.

No other signals are decoded. Even if there are activity. D4D is working with my best antenna during the test.

Before to start following the circuit step by step any general suggestion for troubleshoot based on common past issues (I look for them at the forum but found none).

Thanks in advance!!! 73 de Pedro LU7DID

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