Re: D4D receive light only activates during transmit



I saw your good soldering at a  glance. 
But usually this view deceived us. Check everything again.

>but once transmit is complete both lights go out.

Strange. I recommend check out voltages during this status. Then you will find out reason.
Relay or something around ?

Finding reason is part of hobby and fun !
Generally kit need effort to complete is worth more than soon completed.
You paid same price and you can play longer than the others.
Otherwise there are many completed product is the world.

Juncihi JL1KRA

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Date: 2019/9/10, Tue 12:04
Subject: Re: [crkits] D4D receive light only activates during transmit

Anyone have any ideas? Thinking I need to start by testing the transistors and work out from there.

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Hi Adam,

Here you go:

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