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Hi Alex

I am one of Alexloop user in Japan from early stage through direct purchase from you.
For make sure of the first introduction of the Alexloop in Japan and
respect to effort to its introduction,

it was done in 2013 at the QRP Village booth by JA8CCL Mr. Kinoshita.

In spite of his main radio equipment business,
this year he devoted entirely explain the goodness of loop antenna technology.
I supported him and explained my real QSO experience. 

Later, other importers grabbed the item and they are handling as one of their various importing products.
Once I considered to buy another one but it was too expensive to buy. Hihi

Junichi JL1KRA

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Date: 2019/9/2, Mon 09:29
Subject: Re: [crkits] Just back from Japan Ham Fair

Hello Adam,
Japan Ham Fair is a unique experience.
Tokyo Ham Show 2015 was a land mark om my Ham Life.
1) "PY1AHD Coke Loop" exhibited at MLA 48 Hams Group.
2) The AlexLoop in demonstration for the first time on JACOM booth
3) The AlexLoop in exhibition beside the YAESU FT817 on YAESU booth.
I follow with great interest your excelent work Adam.
73 to all
Alexandre Grimberg
Em 01/09/2019 19:44, Adam Rong escreveu:

The first time to join Japan Ham Fair. Really enjoyed it. I hope you can share my fun by reading these two posts.

Adam Rong

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